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Sue Ann Armitage's Plans for Day One

Sue Ann has over 33 years of courtroom experience, and she’s handled a wide variety of cases. She has represented people from all walks of life, including watermen, doctors, teachers, engineers, members of our Mennonite community, police officers and retirees. As a lifelong resident of St. Mary’s, Sue Ann is connected to the community and understands its needs.

Sue Ann plans on day 1 to initiate a Veterans’ Recovery Program, a Juvenile Recovery Program, and to focus consistently on keeping our community safe.

Veterans' Recovery Program

Sue Ann will initiate an alternative pathway for military veterans with non-violent criminal matters. This diversion program will emphasize treatment options, monitored intensively by a judge, instead of incarceration. 

Studies show that 75 percent do not reoffend. Five jurisdictions in Maryland now have Veterans Court programs. Sue Ann is determined to bring these resources to the 12,000 veterans living in St. Mary’s.

Juvenile Recovery Program

Sue Ann believes many young people who are beginning to walk the wrong path need supervision, guidance and treatment programs. For non-violent juvenile offenders with substance abuse or mental health issues, Sue Ann intends to establish court-supervised treatment programs. If a juvenile does not follow the program, they revert to the traditional delinquency process which can include various forms of detention. 

But most juveniles entering diversion programs do complete treatment. According to the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth and Victim Services, post-arrest diversion programs cut in half the chances that a young person will be charged with a second crime. 

Sue Ann believes young people in St. Mary’s County should have the resources they need to earn a “second chance”.

Safe and Secure Communities

St. Mary’s County remains one of the most beautiful and unique places to live in America. But it is subject to some of the same troubling issues as every other part of our great country, including violent crime. We all see the headlines about violent crime in our community. Many of us do not feel as safe as we did in the past. 

As a judge, Sue Ann will focus on keeping the community safe from repeat violent offenders. Every case must be fairly judged on its own merits, and every defendant’s individual circumstances must be weighed. 

For Sue Ann, a core, guiding principle is the need to keep the community safe from repeat violent offenders. When police do their job and gather convincing evidence, and when a jury concludes that a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the judge must also fulfill his or her responsibilities and render a sentence that maintains the community’s safety. Sue Ann understands this and will meet her obligation.


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Please join us for a casual, free Meet & Greet! Sample Corteau Vineyards latest wines and say hello to Sue Ann.

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